Enabling Literacy for Everyone

Juliana Nazare ’14 Research Assistant and PhD Candidate, MIT Media Lab

Clean Energy for Everyone

Heena Mutha ’10 PhD Candidate, MIT

Understanding Why Things go Wrong

Kristen Dorsey ’08

Assistant Professor of Engineering, Smith College

Road to Success

Leah Mendelson ’11 PhD Candidate, MIT

Pursuing Dreams

Varun Mani ’12 MBA Candidate, Harvard Business School

Former Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Hololens

From Attending a Startup College to Starting One

Avery Anderson ’08 Software Engineering, Minerva Project

Designing for the User

Nate Smith ’07 Co-founder & CTO, Lever Inc.

A risk-taker & trailblazer

Kate Garrett ’06 Co-founder & CEO, Ciel Medical

More Than Just Engineering

Dylan Garrett ’06 Account Director, Synapse Product Development

Travel, Writing and Teaching

Ellen Chisa ’10 Vice President of Product, Lola

Designing with Purpose

Etosha Cave '06 CSO Opus 12

Terrific Professors

Kelly Brennan ‘17

Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, Bellevue, Washington

Paving His Own Path

Brendan Quinlivan '14 PhD Student at Harvard

Leading the Way

Brandon Rowan '07, Assembly Manager, Caterpillar

Learning by Teaching

Michael Sheets '17 E:Bioengineering

Adaptability Matters

Leah Mendelson '11 PhD Candidate, MIT

Challenging + Engaging Learning

Riley Chapman ‘17

Ticonderoga High School, Ticonderoga, New York

What's not to Love?

Haley Pelletier ’17, Saint Mary’s High School, Lynn, MA

Working Together to Build Something Amazing

Andy Barry '10,


Boston Dynamics Engingeer

Create Something from Nothing

Maia Bittner '11 Co-Founder and CTO, RocksBox

People-inspired Engineering

Toni Saylor '17 St. Thomas Episcopal School, Houston, Texas

Bright Idea

Jeff Satwicz '06, Director of Mechanical Engineering at Bigbelly Solar

Global Medicine

Sylvie (Boiteau) Stacy '07, Owner of Latric Edge, LLC


It Takes a Village

Laura Stupin '07, Senior Process Engineer, Pivot, Ltd.