Electric Motorsports

Formula SAE is one of the world’s most rigorous academic motorsport competitions

Olin's Electric Motorsports team is an undergraduate organization at Olin College of Engineering focused on educating young engineers about the development and manufacture of electric vehicles. Our mission is to create an environment where students can design, analyze, and manufacture a large scale interdisciplinary engineering project. Formula SAE Electric provides a rigorous framework for us to meet this goal. It is our belief that building a vehicle for these competitions will be one of the most challenging, engaging, and complex projects our members will ever work on.

Formula SAE is one of the world’s most rigorous academic motorsport competitions, with the goal of producing highly skilled undergraduates with direct experience in engineering, organization, and management. Student teams from all over the world design, build, and race a small-scale formula-style racecar to directly compete with other universities. Formula SAE encompasses all aspects of car manufacturing, including research, construction, testing, developing, marketing, management, and fund raising. Formula SAE teams produce experienced and capable engineers who are ready to turn their skills and passion towards future engineering challenges.

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