Olin REVO; Formula SAE

Research of Electric Racing at Olin (REVO)

Research of Electric Racing at Olin (REVO) is an entirely student-run organization at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering devoted to researching and building electric racing. The organization was founded by a group of motivated students passionate about electric racing, who want to see progress in the advancement of the technologies they use. Our management team's experience includes work at Tesla Motors - a premium electric racing manufacturer, RESC:UE - a solar energy startup, Formula Group T - a Belgian electric racing race team, and Momentum Dynamics - a company developing wireless power transfer for electric racing. REVO is very deliberate about operating like a company and not tying itself to a specific competition. This ideology allows motivated students to develop hands-on experience and leadership skills while fostering a sincere commitment toward the advancement of a future of sustainable transportation without restrictions.


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