Boxing, Basketball, and Ukulele!

Anika Payano ’20 Admission Ambassador

Machine Learning & Acapella

William Derksen '20 Computer Science and Electircal Engineering

Discover what you're passionate about

Matt Brucker '20 Electrical/Computer Engineering

Engineering the Environment

Aaron Greiner '18 Design Engineering: Environmental and Social Impact

Admission Ambassador

Brave New World

Kevin Zhang '19 Electrical and Computer Engineering -Admission Ambassador

Admission Ambassador and more!

Kai Levy '18, Electrical and Computer Engineering -Admission Ambassador

Admission Ambassador and more!

Harper Owen '19,  Mechanical Engineering: Design -Admission Ambassador

More Than Just the Classroom

Shreya Rangarajan '18,  Engineering: Biochemistry

Admission Ambassador

Extracurricular Extraordinaire

Louise Nielsen '19,

Admission Ambassador

"I’m also a NINJA..."

William Lu '18, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Admission Ambassador

Leading Workshops to Get kids Excited About STEM

Mary Martin '18,  Mechanical Engineering

Admission Ambassador


Freedom in the Classroom

Ariana Olson '19, Fairport High School, Fairport, NY

A Constant State of Flux

Justin Kunimune '19, Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii

Safe, Supportive Learning Environment

Daniel Daugherty ‘19

Huntsville High School, Huntsville, Alabama

Supportive Community

Alix McCabe '18 University Scholars Program, West Chester, Pennsylvania 

project-based learning

Ana Krishnan ’20 Admission Ambassador

A Passionate Place

Matthew Beaudouin-Lafon '19 the École Jeannine Manuel in Paris, France

More than the Sum of your Parts

Lauren Gulland '19 

Admission Ambassador

Can Do Style

Tom Heale '18 Massachusetts Academy of Mathematics and Science at WPI, Grafton, Massachusetts

Fun and Engaging

Keenan Zucker '18 Mountain View High School, Los Altos, California

Project-based Learning

Mackenzie Frackleton '18 Waxhaw, North Carolina