Brave New World

Kevin Zhang '19 Electrical and Computer Engineering -Admission Ambassador

Hi, my name is Kevin Zhang! I’m in the class of 2019 and I’m from Sugar Land, Texas. I’m not entirely sure what I’m majoring in, but I’m looking at either Electrical and Computer Engineering or Engineering with a Concentration in Computing (which is computer science). As a freshman only in his the middle of first/second semesters of college, I’m still finding and trying out all sorts of things. Activities I’m doing right now include Research of Electrical Vehicles at Olin (REVO), Robotic Research, a Co-curricular called Pickles and Jams, Aquaponics Project Team, Ultimate Frisbee, Dining Hall Advisory Group, and working out at the gym. I’ve done hackathons at Mount Holyoke and Brandeis, and for entertainment I play games with friends, watch anime, or cook. As a first year, my strongest advice lies in the general area of starting college/getting used to a brave new world, but feel free to ask me about REVO, Robots, Co-curriculars and Passionate Pursuits, Frisbee, how to balance personal life with school life, or anything else you want!


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