Can Do Style

Tom Heale '18 Massachusetts Academy of Mathematics and Science at WPI, Grafton, Massachusetts

Why did you choose Olin?

I went to a collaborative STEM high school with only 50 students per class. When I came for my tour of Olin, I heard all the familiar descriptors that made high school such a positive experience for me. When people told me that Olin focuses on project-based learning and social engineering I knew what it meant and how important it is.

What extracurricular activities (or co-curricular or hobbies) are you involved in at Olin? Outside of Olin?

Babson United Rugby Club and Crud Club.

What is your favorite thing about Olin? Why do you think Olin is different from other undergraduate engineering schools?

Olin's class structure is very different from other colleges. I took classes at WPI last year, and their curriculum is mostly test based. At Olin, despite my initial doubts, I've taken few quizzes, let alone tests. I love the do-learn project style.
The culture at Olin is also very distinct. It's very open about everything. Everybody on campus is wholly approachable, and collaboration is standard. It's partially due to the small size of the school, but even the layout of the dining hall seems oriented toward unrestricted socialization. There are no booths and no dividing walls. The whole floor plan is open, and the tables are arranged in long rows that facilitate large group discussion.

What are some things that you're passionate about?

Prosthetics, engineering for the developing world, and martial arts.