Extracurricular Extraordinaire

Louise Nielsen '19,

Admission Ambassador

I’m Louise Nielsen, a member of the class of 2019 hailing from Sidney Middle-of-Nowhere Maine, and majoring in anything but mechanical engineering. I’m an active member of several clubs/projects on campus, including the sustainability club (GrOW), the robotic sailing project team (ORS), the LGBT/queer awareness club (OPEN), the Franklin W. Olin Players (FWOP), and, of course, the admission ambassadors (OVAL). I can answer questions such as “Is that a robot?”, “What do you get when you multiply six by seven?”, and ”How many rainbow things can one person wear at a time?”, as well as questions about surviving as a vegetarian, first year classes, any of the things listed above, or anything else you want to ask me.     

Email: mailto:oval@olin.edu