More Than Just the Classroom

Shreya Rangarajan '18,  Engineering: Biochemistry

Admission Ambassador

Hi, my name is Shreya Rangarajan! I am in the Class of 2018 and I’m from just outside Baltimore, Maryland. I am majoring in Engineering with a concentration in Biochemistry (E: Biochemistry). In addition to taking classes on campus, I have also cross-registered at Wellesley College for humanities and science classes. On campus, I have been a co-navigator for the Olin Conductorless Orchestra (OCO), secretary for Society of Women Engineers (SWE), and a leader on the leadership team of the educational outreach club called Engineering Discovery (eDisco). I have done several hackathons at MIT, Harvard, and Brown and love exploring the city of Boston. Feel free to ask me questions about Biology/chemistry classes, orchestra/music, designing my own major, or anything else that I missed!