A Passionate Place

Matthew Beaudouin-Lafon '19 the École Jeannine Manuel in Paris, France

What extracurricular activities (or co-curricular or hobbies) are you involved in? 

Cardistry Club, and a Passionate Pursuit in Building a Michelson Harmonic Analyzer. 

What is your favorite thing about Olin? Or why do you think Olin is different from other undergraduate engineering schools?

I took a gap year at NYU's School of Engineering. There are two main differences I noted. Firstly, the average Oliner a lot more passionate and driven than the average NYU engineer (I interacted with at least). That alone makes a significantly more productive environment. Secondly, since we are constantly working on and completing projects, I feel like I'm actually doing things, rather than getting grades for classes.

What are some things that you're passionate about? 

Math, Cardistry, and Filmmaking