Project-based Learning

Mackenzie Frackleton '18 Waxhaw, North Carolina

Why did you choose Olin?

I knew I could only get the experience I wanted as an engineer with a project-oriented curriculum and learning by doing, instead of listening to lectures on theory and doing purely conceptual problem sets. I also wanted to feel like I was a part of college community, and Olin's size gives me the chance to know all of my classmates.

What extracurricular activities (or co-curricular or hobbies) are you involved in at Olin? Outside of Olin?

I'm a proud member of our Ultimate Disc team, GrOW (greening Olin and the world), OVAL (Olin Volunteer League of Ambassadors), and our campus Improv troupe. I also founded our chapter of the Food Recovery Network, I've helped lead our outdoors club, I'm a current Honor Board member, and Class Representative in our student government.

Outside of Olin I enjoy exploring Boston, its vast music scene, and hiking.

What is your favorite thing about Olin? Why do you think Olin is different from other undergraduate engineering schools?

I love Olin's tight knit community. My professors and I are on a first name basis, and it's incredibly easy to connect with alumni. I worked in a different city for the summer, and had no trouble finding an Olin alumni community that helped me get used to my new job and city.

What are some things you're passionate about?

Sustainable engineering, medical applications of new tech, the outdoors, and travel.


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