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At Olin we believe that engineering is a creative enterprise that begins and ends with people and their desire for a better world. We have created an extraordinary learning community that is bound by a vibrant culture of innovation and a vision to change engineering education to make it a fun, engaging, meaningful and a powerful experience. We invite you to Discover Olin

Underwater Robotics and Assistive Technology

Jeff Dusek, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, LAIR Lab

Activities and Resources

Kristin Aoki '22, San Antonio, TX

Design, Build, Create!

Jonathan Montague '22, Ardsley, NY

Incredible Opportunities!

Karen Hinh '23, Paris, FR

Amazing Campus Culture!

Zachary Sherman '23 Lexington, MA

The Role of Play in Art and Engineering

Emily W. Tow, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Olin Electric Motorsports (OEM)

4 years, 65 undergrads, 100,000+ hours of learning, 4 vehicles, 1 team

Can't Wait to Get Started!

Emma Pan '21 Westwood, MA

Rocketry and Acapella

Branden Oh '21  La Canada Flintridge, CA

Loves the Outdoors

Connor Novack '20 Reno, NV

Education Motivation

Zack Davenport '20 Tulsa, OK

3D Printing and Library Love

Naomi Chiu '21 Forrest Hills, NY

"Let's try it and see if it works!"

Allison Basore '20 Burdick, KS

Making Positive Change

David Freeman '21 Fayetteville, AR

Seize the moment!

Adrian Botran '21 Key Biscayne, FL

Enabling Literacy for Everyone

Juliana Nazare ’14 Research Assistant and PhD Candidate, MIT Media Lab

Boxing, Basketball, and Ukulele!

Anika Payano ’20 Admission Ambassador

Clean Energy for Everyone

Heena Mutha ’10 PhD Candidate, MIT


members of the class of 2023 (58 percent female identified/10 percent international students)

Machine Learning & Acapella

William Derksen '20 Computer Science and Electircal Engineering

Olin Conductorless Orchestra (OCO)

Meeting and Exceeding Expectations

Understanding Why Things go Wrong

Kristen Dorsey ’08

Assistant Professor of Engineering, Smith College

Road to Success

Leah Mendelson ’11 PhD Candidate, MIT


in merit-based scholarship to all enrolled students