Up, Up, and Away!

Johannah (Itescu) van der Plas '07 Manufacturing Technology Engineering Manager, GE Aviation

With graduation coming up Johannah faced a dilemma. She's been introduced to, and fell in love with, so manny aspects of engineering that she didn't want to have to narrow her focus. Thanks to Olin's Society of Women Engineers chapter, she was connected to GE. Soon after graduation, she started in the Edison Engineering Development program, which allowed her to gain experience in many different fuctions of jet engine design, analysis, manufacturing, and testing. While working full time, she received an MS in Machanical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati in 2010. Looking to gain broad corporate experience, she worked in a customer support role for GE Aviation at Airbus in Germany for several years.

Johannah has received more than 15 awards and nominations for her creative contributions, including GE's esteemed Product Innovation Award and an "inventor" credit in a patent application. She now serves as a Manufacturing Technology Engineering Manager, leading a team that develops and industrializes turbine blade manufacuturing technologies that improve engine durability and reduce fuel consumption.