Are you for Olin, is Olin for You?

Alexander Crease '16

Application Engineer at MarkForged


"When I came to Olin, I expected to be surrounded by engineers building crazy robots and stuff like that all the time. Of course that isn't far from the truth, but what I have realized from the Olin community is that everyone is more than just an engineer. In high school, I had to choose between joining the orchestra and joining the robotics team because they met on the same day. I chose the robotics team, and as a result, my musical side dwindled and I barely touched my violin for four years. When I came to Olin, I was asked to be part of a recording that a student was working for an album he was making. All of a sudden, when I thought it was completely gone and I was just an engineer, my musical side came back. As a result, I joined the PowerChords, one of Olin's a cappella groups, and I have realized that Olin has helped me develop as a person, not just an engineer."

Alexander graduated in 2016, and now works as a Application Engineer at MarkForged 3D Printing. He maintained the Olin 3D printers while he was a student here.