Challenging + Engaging Learning

Riley Chapman ‘17

Ticonderoga High School, Ticonderoga, New York

Why Did you Choose Olin?

I choose Olin because I wanted a challenging and engaging learning experience that went beyond lectures, books, and tests. The people here were so excited about what they were working on. It seemed like a place in which I could really thrive.

What extracurricular activities are you involved in?

I am a lead electrical and software engineer on REVO, our electric vehicle racing team. I build drones for a local startup. I am a 'fire lord' for OFAC, the fire arts club. I play Ultimate, Basketball, and Bass/Drums in ORO. I also go rock climbing, both at local gym, and in the White Mountains.

Riley Chapman

What is your favorite thing about Olin?

You can join a just about any project club or research team you want. Want to do robotic research? Go talk to a robotics professor, join their research team, and start building robots. Want to build a race car? REVO would be happy to have your help.

Please tell us a few things you’re passionate about.

Cars, Music, Drones, Backpacking, Sustainability

What do you think differentiates Olin from other undergraduate engineering schools?

Olin is constantly making an effort to improve and develop its curriculum. Some things work really well, and some things turn out to be train wrecks, but we have a robust system for feedback (as a student, your feedback is highly valued) and we use that to adapt.

Can you please share a favorite Olin memory or experience.

As a first year, I joined REVO a few weeks into the semester. They were in the final push for building an electric go-kart. I was immediately accepted, and was able to contribute a lot to the project in the late nights of building that followed. We still race that go-kart around the parking lots (it's a blast to drive), and we bring it along to show off whenever we attend a community outreach event.