Designing for the User

Nate Smith ’07 Co-founder & CTO, Lever Inc.

Nate was a member of Olin’s second graduating class and joined Google as a product manager following graduation.  During his tenure at Google he worked with Google AdWords, redesigned the Google Images UI and served as a designer for Google Search. In 2012 Nate joined forces with fellow co-founders Sarah Nahm and Randal Truong to start Lever, a job application tracking app used to vet and source new hires. Today, Nate’s colleagues include Olin alumni Rachael Stedman ’10 and Eric Hwang ’11. Lever’s success is looking very promising, Forbes magazine recently put the company’s worth at $80-$100 million!

“ I think the Olin ideal of engineering with context — understanding the business and designing for the user — rather than just building something to spec, is an important foundation for  a new product.”

-Nate Smith

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