A fully-integrated curriculum

Liani Lye '17

California Academy of Math and Science, Gardena, California

Q: What extracurricular activities are you involved in?

A: I'm a mechanical team member on the SailBot team and this year I worked to add applicable sensors to increase boat autonomy and designed and installed a new sail transmission system. I'm also a member of the Foundry where I organized a user-oriented design hackathon to occur early FA15. Participants will draw from nearby design, art and engineering colleges and universities.

Q: What have you experienced at Olin that you hadn’t expected to experience when you applied?

A: I went to a math and science high school. Yet even there, it seemed kind of socially frowned upon to "nerd out," so to speak, about STEM related pursuits - or be a bookworm and study diligently. That's not the case here at all. I can tell people here that I want to focus on homework instead of (insert alternate activity here) and that's acceptable.

Q: Have you taken any passionate pursuits while at Olin?

A: In SP14 (this sem) I'm building an 18" steamboat from a kit. That itself isn't the interesting part - I aim for this to be a multi-semester passionate pursuit where I take the exposure I get from this PP and apply it to design and construct a steam engine from scratch. / In FA14 (next sem) I will be experimenting to make different flavors of milk tea to complement boba - both of which this part of the East Coast is sorely lacking, haha.

Q: What has been your favorite project(s)? (in class or out of class)

A: Real World Measurements final project - launching a weather balloon! My team is tracking temperature and the concentrations of ozone + methane in the atmosphere. The challenge lies in making sure that we can locate and retrieve the payload after it lands. 

Q: Which classes have been your favorite so far?

A: Coming from a mechE-heavy background, Real World Measurements (current) enabled me to understand electrical engineering form a systems view. Anthropology (FA13) gave engineering a human touch.