Good, Hard, Fun

Graham Hooton '14

Assistant Director of Admission, Olin College of Engineering

Q: What extracurricular activities are you involved in?

I am the SAC Chair, the Build Day Project Manager, an R2, a Design Challenge co-coordinator, as well as a member of OPIUM (the improv troupe on campus), the Curricular Co-Curricular, Puzzles, and Cheese club, and the founder of the Fix It Society.

Q: What have you experienced at Olin that you hadn’t expected to experience when you applied?

Thanks to the Teaching and Learning course, I realized that I want to be a teacher. I want to help students discover the world and themselves. I want to contribute to improving the education system. I believe that I will be good at it, and I believe it is a worthwhile way to spend my years. Once I realized this, I was able to shape my education to match my desires. I could weave teaching, leadership, mentorship, etc. into all of my required classes, while taking further classes towards my actual goals.

Q: Have you taken any passionate pursuits while at Olin? 

I spent two semesters doing Aerial Silks. I tried to start a creative writing PP after I returned from traveling, junior year, but I found that PP were no longer a useful venue for me to channel my passions - it didn't motivate me to adjust my priorities, and I achieved what I wanted to achieve without that structure.

Q: What have been your two favorite projects? (in class or out of class)

As the project manager for Build Day, I learned how to lead a team, interface with the community, and structure an event that had a huge number of moving parts and requirements. It was extremely educational and beneficial.

Q: Which SCOPE project did you work on?

What Matters Most

Q: What was your AHS/E! Capstone and how did you choose which to do?

My AHS capstone was education. I had thought it would be languages, initially. But I was able to use the classes that I was simply taking for fun, as freebies, in my capstone, which was great.

Q: Tell us what you’re passionate about?

My first passion is teaching. I enjoy helping others to achieve their potential. I love to discover how they learn, to figure out what I can do to get them un-stuck, and I love the feeling of watching someone understand something new (or better) thanks to something I did!

I also love to learn more about the world. I travel, to see other ways of life. I study languages, read voraciously, and do my best to realize that everyone has a different lens that they use to view the world.

And I love to create. My 'thing' before college was hosting elaborate costume parties, and I kept whipping up events, decorations and outfits throughout my time at Olin! Stand-outs include the Zombie Apocalypse party, "Where's Waldo" for Hallowe'en, and ten imaginative days of spirit week!

Finally, I always remember to just enjoy life's simple pleasures.. riding bicycles, solving puzzles, experiencing nature's beauty, and listening to wind chimes - It's important not to forget about the little things!