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Juliana Nazare '14

Research Assistant & Graduate Student, MIT Media Lab

Q: What extracurricular activities are you involved in?

I’ve helped run the Olin Foundry for 3 years, joined a student venture capital firm (Rough Draft Ventures) last year, and have been working for a company that was founded by an Olin professor for 1.5 years. Last semester I helped teach the student-run MobileProto class too.

Q: What have you experienced at Olin that you hadn’t expected to experience when you applied?

Getting to be friends with people from completely different backgrounds. In high school, you navigate to the people that are most like you. At Olin, the school is too small to do that, so it forces you out of your comfort zone and you learn to make friends with really awesome people that you would never have met at a bigger school.

Q: What have been your two favorite projects? (in class or out of class)

Principles of Engineering, we built a fountain that danced to music and Artificial Intelligence where we built a bot that tweeted recommended people for you to meet

Q: Which SCOPE project did you work on?

What Matters Most: The education and computer science SCOPE project

Q: What was your AHS/E! Capstone and how did you choose which to do?

A: E! Capstone. It was a pretty easy decision due to the Foundry stuff I had done and the fact that I was already working for a startup.

Q: What are you doing after graduation?

A: I'm going to grad school at the MIT Media Lab (so I'm sticking around Boston). I've decided that I am turning down the offer to go on a Fulbright to Belgium. I've done work on Read Out Loud, which is an application that empowers adults who are learning English to turn almost any reading material into an experience to help them learn English, as well as XpressMe, an exploration into using mobile technology to reinforce course material for professional certification courses and/or ESOL and basic mathematics courses. You can learn more about these research projects on  http://learn.media.mit.edu/mlw.