Learning by Teaching

Michael Sheets '17 E:Bioengineering

What is your favorite thing about Olin? Or why do you think Olin is different from other undergraduate engineering schools?

"I really appreciate how much design here is focused on making things to best suit the needs of the people we're designing for, not just coming up with a cool idea and retrofitting it to something it might help. Courses like UOCD and Investigating Normal really emphasize the need for engineers to be in communication with the people they're working with and for, and I believe that's when engineering truly has the potential to change people's lives for the better.

Additionally, Olin has awesome research experiences for undergraduates. I've been doing microbiology research basically since I stepped on campus, and have learned so much from my advisor and been prepared for so many opportunities by my work in the lab."

Please share a favorite Olin memory or experience.

Being a NINJA in Six Microbes that Changed the World and other biology courses has been extremely rewarding. I've found that I learn best when I can teach someone else, and NINJAing allows me to really test what I know and strengthen my own knowledge while I'm helping the students in the class to learn. It's always fascinating to get new perspectives I'm more familiar with at this point, and I really enjoy seeing students engage with the course material, be it experiment design, interpreting lab results, or thinking about the larger meaning of the work they're doing and reading about. The way Six Microbes blends biology and history gives a fantastic opportunity for students to learn about biology in a way that they can relate to their lives, and a way to learn some more technical detail about the history of some awesome microbes.

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