People-inspired Engineering

Toni Saylor '17 St. Thomas Episcopal School, Houston, Texas

Why did you choose Olin?

I wanted to be doing coursework that I found challenging and entering a field that I felt could make positive changes in the world.

What extracurricular activities (or co-curricular or hobbies) are you involved in at Olin? Outside of Olin?

I lead engineering discovery, I am a writing tutor, and I am one of two student liaisons to the faculty search committee.

What is your favorite thing about Olin? Why do you think Olin is different from other undergraduate engineering schools?

I think Olin's focus on the user is my favorite thing about it. Engineering for people makes sense, and Olin is unique for its focus on it.

What are a few things that you’re passionate about?

Education, adaptive technology, service


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