Travel, Writing and Teaching

Ellen Chisa ’10 Vice President of Product, Lola

Ellen doesn’t sit still for long.  When she’s not furthering her studies at the University of Washington or Harvard Business School, she’s starting businesses and teaching classes at Olin or General Assembly. During her time at Olin, she co-founded Alight Learning. From there Ellen went on to serve as a program manager for Microsoft for nearly three years, where outside of work she served as dean of the Awesome Foundation in Seattle, organizing over 30 individuals to give monthly grants to awesome ideas.

In 2012 she joined Kickstarter as a product manager, and in 2015 she returned to Boston to attend Harvard Business School. Ellen now serves as VP of product at Lola, a company that provides instant access to hotels, flights and anything else travel-related. Somewhere in all that she finds time to travel, write and teach.  This fall she taught Human Factors and Interface Design at Olin.

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