A fundamental element of Olin's culture is trust

The Olin Honor Code

The Olin Honor Code requires all members of the community to conduct themselves with honor and integrity. Our code, drawn from a few core values, consists of a small set of intentionally board standards by which every action must be measured. While a small number of policies illuminate Olin's principles, students live by the core values embedded in teh code. It's a fundamental aspect ot he life at Olin, both inside and outside the classroom, in our interactions with our professors or roommates, on campus and out in the community. 

The Olin Honor Code Values

  • integrity
  • respect for others
  • passion for the welfare of the college
  • openness to change
  • Do Something

"When I entered Olin, the honor board was issuing a full student review and revision of the honor code. Part of what attracted me to Olin in the first place was the Core Values, and I wanted to be a p art of those major changes. After serving on the honor code review committee in my first year, I then joined the honor board as a general member, and now her I am as Chair. I hope to bring back the spirit of student initiative and change in the honor board's relationship with students." - Victoria Preston '16, South River High School, Edgewater, Maryland