Olin Electric Motorsports (OEM)

4 years, 65 undergrads, 100,000+ hours of learning, 4 vehicles, 1 team

Olin Electric Motorsports is one of the build teams at Olin College focused on educating engineers through the development and manufacture of electric race cars. Each year, we design, manufacture, and race a Formula One-style race car capable of competing in numerous events including a 22km endurance race. Through the rigorous design and testing work our engineers do each year, they gain invaluable knowledge that they can take with them to their class work and into their internships and beyond. Our engineers continue their passions and careers at companies such as Ford, Blue Origin, SpaceX, Tesla, and more. We believe that electric vehicles provide an excellent platform for students to pursue mechanical, electrical, computer, and systems engineering in depth, and by working together to finish the car in time for competition, members also develop the communication and leadership skills necessary for becoming stellar engineers.

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