Principles of Engineering (POE)

Using modern tools to construct mechatronic systems.

In Principles of Engineering, students conceive, design, and implement a mechatronic systems that involves mechanical design, electronics, and software. Every project will include a nontrivial mechanical system design, a nontrivial electronic system design, a microcontroller, and all hardware, firmware, and software components necessary for integration. Projects are subject to realistic materials, process, and budgetary constraints.  Most projects use microcontrollers like Arduino to take data from sensors, perform computation and operator motors.  Project examples include an automatic cake decorator, an autonomous blimp, and a light-seeking flower pot. Students have to work within realistic constraints on materials, process and budget.

During the last two thirds of the semester, you will be working in a group of three to five students in the class on a design project that interests you. You will be forming your own teams based your interest in potential project ideas.

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