Activities and Resources

Kristin Aoki '22, San Antonio, TX

Hi I'm Kristin, Class of 2022. I'm majoring in Engineering with Computing. I chose Olin for the challenging and small, friendly community and its reputation for engineering.

The activities I'm involved in on campus include serving as Director of the Students Activities Committee (SAC), Co-President in training for the Babson-Olin Catholic Association (BOCA) and I'm a Residence Resource (R2). 

My favorite thing about Olin is the supportive community. I love how there is always someone who you can talk to in the dining hall and you might not be best friends with a person, but they are there to support you.

We are a community of students that are not focused on beating other people out of a position but focused on helping each other learn to the best of their ability.

The four things I'm really passionate about are:

  • Romantic Comedies/Bachelor
  • Music
  • Knitting
  • Golf