Amazing Campus Culture!

Zachary Sherman '23 Lexington, MA

Hi! I'm Zachary, Class of 2023 and once I declare I'll be a Mechanical Engineer major. Thinking back on my college search two main criteria were important to me: a small, personalized community and hands-on engineering. I had trouble finding schools that met these specific criteria, until a friend told me about Olin and only a few minutes into my info session, I knew Olin was the perfect college for me!
There's a ton of hands-on opportunity here on campus and I keep busy! I'm on the Structures subteam of our Design/Build/Fly aircraft team and a member of Olin's Amateur Radio club (OCARC). I do sound for the Franklin W. Olin Players (FWOP) and serve as a NINJA (Need Information Now? Just Ask) for the Library's camera equipment wall. I'm also very involved with Babson College's Hillel and about to start working on the tech team at Babson's Sorenson Theater.
There's really a lot to love about Olin!
In fact, I can't choose just one thing! First, I just love all the opportunities students have here to get involved with activities, jobs and research that are important to us. If there's something I want to do, I can always figure out how to get involved and do it. Second, our campus culture is amazing! Everyone is so open, honest, and friendly.
It would be hard to find a culture like ours anywhere else!

Speaking of interesting causes and activities - right now, I'm passionate about sound engineering, aviation, security, and the history of disabilities in America. 

For me, having a goal that I'm excited to achieve greatly increases my ability to learn, so Olin's project-based engineering sets it apart from other engineering schools and encourages me to work hard and persevere through technical problems. I got to start working on projects only three weeks into the school year! It is very rare to find an environment like Olin that offers opportunity right away and is so supportive and encouraging! Everyone, from my professors (who almost exclusively go by their first names, regardless of their Ph.D.'s!) to my friends, truly care about my health, learning and success.

And in only one semester and change, I've already dismantled large radio antennas so they could be reused, built an EKG circuit, designed and built a play experience for fourth-graders and ventured onto the roofs of multiple campus buildings with my Infrastructure class. But if I had to choose one favorite memory, it would be an impromptu snowball fight outside the dorms on the way back from dinner one snowy night.

I can't wait to spend the next three years making even more exciting memories!