Discover what you're passionate about

Matt Brucker '20 Electrical/Computer Engineering

What is your favorite thing about Olin? Or why do you think Olin is different from other undergraduate engineering schools?

"At Olin, there are very few barriers to getting involved with things you're passionate about. Anyone can join pretty much any club or research group they're interested in; the only limitation is how many hours there are in a day! More importantly, though, there are also resources to help you explore and discover what you're passionate about, especially beyond just engineering.  Most classes allow freedom in what topics you choose for projects, and students are often encouraged to take a project a step further if they find something they're interested in. Plus, because professors are so accessible, they're a great resource to learn more about certain subjects or even get involved in research. There are people and resources in place to help you with just about anything, whether engineering-related or otherwise."

What extracurricular activities (or co-curricular or hobbies) are you involved in?

Olin Aquatic Robotic Systems, Collaboratory liaison (leading tours for visitors from other universities), education research, the ACRONYM (pop-up coffee shop), Olin Workshop in the Library.