Incredible Opportunities!

Karen Hinh '23, Paris, FR

Hi, I'm Karen, Class of 2023. I'm a Mechanical Engineering major with a concentration in Sustainability. I chose Olin because of its hands-on, project based nature. I knew that I wouldn't be able to get the same experience through any other engineering school in the world and I also knew that Olin's interdisciplinary curriculum is a strong fit for my personal learning style.

Additionally, the community here is incredible --

The fact that everyone is motivated to learn, collaborate, and create some impact on this world motivates me to achieve my own goals and have fun with others while doing it. 

I am a member of Olin PowerChords, the acapella group on campus. I also serve as a sub-team lead on the Olin Electric Motorsports (Formula) team, helping design and manufacture the accumulator (battery) box for the race car. I work as an Eco-Rep, running sustainability initiatives on campus, as well as in IT, helping fix computers. But the three or four things I'm really passionate about are:

  • Sustainability
  • Zero waste / circular economy -- how to design products that can be upcycled
  • Good vegetarian / vegan food

My favorite thing about Olin is the incredible number of opportunities there are for each student, because our community is so small. No matter what project you'd like to do or what subject you'd like to learn, there's almost always a group of people interested in doing the same things, or a faculty member willing to advise and mentor.

We also have a really strong alumni network and reputation in the industry, so internships and co-ops are also a big resource here.

When thinking about all these things that set Olin apart, hands down, it's the collaborative spirit and team-based nature of the community and curriculum. In almost no other schools do you get to dive into engineering your first year of undergraduate school.

In fact, if Olin was a tool, it would be a pasta maker, maybe.


Photo of Karen by Julia Brettle '23.