Machine Learning & Acapella

William Derksen '20 Computer Science and Electircal Engineering

In my first semester, I made a presentation at Midnight Math (an informal weekly meeting where people share fun math related things). I prepared this talk for about 2-3 weeks before sharing it out to around 30 people.  My lecture was about the Limited Broyden Fletcher Goldfarb Shanno Algorithm or the L-BFGS algorithm. The presentation wasn't the best, most of what I said was quite confusing, and some of it was completely wrong, however it was still a fun experience and people were very nice and supportive.  This helped to nurture my ability to present and my wish to continue to do so.  Additionally, the upper classmen at the presentation gave me tips about presentation giving and organizing teaching lectures.  This was one of my favorite memories so far simply because it was a really nerve wracking experience, but helped me grow a lot and develop as a presenter.

I am involved in PowerChords, Do Machine Learning , Brain Computer Interface Research, app development, and game development.